Chair yoga: how to help your physical health at work

Chair yoga is an effective way to help your physical health at work. You’ve probably felt the effects of spending a long period of time at your desk; strained neck, sore shoulders and back, stiff spine. Sitting for hours a day puts a lot of strain on your body causing imbalances in your spinal structure, disc damage, and a stiffened back.  Alongside the aches and pains, there is a significant amount of research addressing the long-term health effects associated with desk-based work; high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, increased risk of diabetes, impacted blood flow and [...]


Small business events: the most effective marketing tool?

Are small business events the most effective marketing tool? In today’s online world it is easy for businesses to rely on phone, email, and social media to engage with existing and prospective customers. This is limiting. Not only does it take away the personal element of business, it greatly reduces any opportunity to develop genuine relationships. Those genuine relationships are the key to success in small business. This has been argued by countless experts over many years (Peter Drucker, Barry [...]

Small business leadership - like a boss

Leadership mastery: Knowing your weaknesses

Apparently, employees leave managers, not companies. Bridgette Hyacinth, an expert in HR and leadership, writes “In spite of how good a job may be, people will quit if the reporting relationship is not healthy”. Despite evidence that 50% of American workers voluntarily leave their jobs because of bosses, the statement remains questioned. According to data gathered by Culture Amp, only 12% of the decision-making process made by an employee before leaving a job, was down to the manager. Their opinion: development opportunities. In fact, their [...]

Small business brand

Brand building: 6 tips to grow your small business’ brand

Small businesses rarely have a dedicated marketing team, so building your small business brand is a crucial step to grow your business. A small business with strong brand equity has loyal customers and generally, more profit. Think about Apple. Through building its brand equity, the tech giant is able to charge higher prices and still have people camp for hours overnight in anticipation of a new product release. Yes, Apple has a big name, big budgets, and a flashy logo. But, [...]


Hacks to boost small business productivity

Small business productivity is challenging. Making sure each workday is productive is essential to move your business forward, especially when on most days, the clock strikes 5pm and you’re not even halfway through your to-do list. No matter how hard you push yourself to get the job done, you can never get on top of everything. To help you get more of the things that are important to your business over the line, we’ve compiled four hacks to make your [...]

Keeping healthy in the workplace: healthy lunch

Top Tips for Keeping Healthy in the Workplace

Keeping healthy at work after sitting at your desk for over 8 hours a day, is a challenge. It takes its toll on both your physical and mental health. In particular, watching your weight is a constant struggle; most offices have a biscuit tin and at least one generous colleague who regularly rocks up with chocolates, the odd donut box, and maybe a homemade cake. Combined with hectic schedules, deadlines, and not enough time, keeping fit and healthy seems near [...]