Lodge your BAS with Cashflow Manager

Cashflow Manager tracks your cash flow, automatically calculates GST, and allows you to lodge your BAS directly to the ATO.

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BAS lodgement made simple and stress-free

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Simplify your accounting

Make BAS time a breeze with our easy-to-use single-entry accounting software.

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Automate GST

Let Cashflow Manager automatically calculate GST for any relevant transactions.

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Reports BAS directly to the ATO

Save time, reduce handling errors and submit BAS securely to the ATO.

Perfect for small businesses

Cashflow Manager’s single-entry bookkeeping system is quick to learn and doesn’t require an accounting degree to master. The simple, yet powerful interface makes submitting your BAS a breeze.

  • Track your cash flow with our easy-to-use money-in and money-out system
  • Manage your invoices, suppliers, inventory, and customers all in one place
  • Create dozens of important reports – including BAS, Profit and Loss Statements, Taxable Payment Annual Reports and much more – in just a few clicks.
  • Reconcile your business bank accounts with confidence



Automatic GST and PAYG withholding

Cashflow Manager will automatically apply and track the percentage of GST to your business transactions. 

  • Automatically update transactions with appropriate GST as you enter them
  • Submit your BAS quickly and easily with GST accurately calculated, recorded and ready to go

Got employees? Cashflow Manager can keep you compliant with Single Touch Payroll, Superstream* and automatic PAYG withholding calculations.

*Single Touch Payroll, Superstream not available in the trial version.

Cut out the middle-man

Cashflow Manager can send your BAS directly to the ATO, saving you time and hassle.

  • Reduce handling errors with your accounts by letting Cashflow Manager create your BAS in a few minutes
  • Use Standard Business Reporting (SBR) Portal to securely submit your BAS directly to the ATO

Lodge your BAS today!

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