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10 Home Business Ideas To Be Your Own Boss

Choosing your own work hours, deciding which projects you take on, and possibly even pursuing your passion. Sounds like the ideal work situation, right? With a little creativity, you could be running your own business from home sooner than you think.

For many, working from home became the new normal in 2020. Some companies have truly embraced this change – choosing to adopt a remote or hybrid work model on a long-term basis – as have most employees, who have thoroughly adapted to the way they work, communicate and collaborate. Even in the early days of the pandemic, it was predicted that some employees wouldn’t want to return to the office after the restrictions were over.

In an environment like this, many are starting to ask the question: if I can easily work from home, why not work for myself rather than an employer? It’s worth doing your research first, so here are some ideas for start-up businesses that you can operate from the comfort of your lounge.

1. Web Design

The demand for website designers is increasing by the day, and growth will likely continue for some time to come. If you have coding skills (and a penchant for design), this would be a great fit for you. Clients could include small businesses looking to build a website from scratch, larger organisations looking for edits to their existing pages, or individuals who simply want to build their profile online. The sky’s the limit, and there are plenty of opportunities for short-term or ongoing work.

2. Online Tutorials

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a dance instructor. Or perhaps renovation is more your thing. If you have a skill or are willing to learn one that the others could be interested in learning, then, creating video tutorials or other web-based lessons is something you could consider. Half of the challenge will be marketing your services, but if your clients genuinely find your guides useful, word of mouth could help with the promotional side of things.

3. Business Consulting

If you’re an expert in your field or simply have a lot of knowledge about an industry vertical, business consulting could be for you. Potential clients will be easier to find if you already have experience in the industry, but there are always businesses looking for advice and guidance on improving their organisational effectiveness.

4. Writing

You don’t need to be an aspiring novelist to turn writing into a viable business (although if you have the talent and time, go for it!). Plenty of businesses are looking for freelance journalists, copywriters and content writers for editorial or marketing purposes, or even grant writing; and you’ll often find that producing a commissioned piece of writing can lead to an opportunity for ongoing work. Build a portfolio as you go and refer back to it whenever you engage with a potential client.

5. Digital Marketing

Almost every business needs a digital marketing strategy these days. Whether it’s writing social media copy or drafting online advertisements and assisting with creative assets; this can be a lucrative home business, with potential clients spanning from corner cafes to large retailers and brands.

6. Graphic Design

Know your way around Adobe Creative Suite? Try your hand at professional graphic design. There are opportunities to create work for media, the arts, local councils, commercial organisations, community groups – the list is endless. Assuming you have the creative skills required, this is possibly one of the most straightforward businesses to start from home. Just make sure to factor in the cost of the software you’ll need to produce your work.

7. Publicity

The ideal role if you consider yourself a ‘people person’, a publicist’s work can easily be completed from home – though you’ll likely find yourself needing to step out from it on a regular basis. Clients and media opportunities could be varied, but your day-to-day will probably require writing pitches and press releases, having meetings with clients and media outlets, and phone calls- lots of them. Don’t be intimidated by the role if you’ve never done it before: start with small clients as you find your feet and build up a media database.

8. Crafts, Baking, and other DIY creations

Don’t overlook your hobbies: some of them, if scaled, could become viable small business opportunities. There’s a growing demand for artisan foods and homewares, so if you hone your skills, you might be able to find a loyal audience of customers. As with the other business ideas on this list, you might need a marketing plan in place to get the ball rolling.

9. Event Planning

The events industry is precarious at the best of times, and during a pandemic, it’s another story altogether. But don’t overlook it completely. Plenty of events have – and will continue to – pivot online (which still requires event planners), and a lot of events will still occur, only under different circumstances (often requiring a greater focus on logistics, which in turn will require more time – and possibly planners). If you already have connections within the events industry, ask around to see if there’s any work you could be suitable for. Otherwise, start by offering your services for smaller events that you know people are hosting and could benefit from help with.

10. Language Teaching / Home Tutoring

Teaching someone a language or helping them with homework is one of the most fulfilling things you could do, and it translates to a successful home business so well. The internet has made it remarkably easy to connect with potential students from all around the world, so all you need to do to start is make sure you have an area you specialise in, and students who are ready to learn.


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