September 2014

bank reconciliation in Cashflow Manager

How to complete your small business bank reconciliation in Cashflow Manager

Reconciling your bank accounts each month in Cashflow Manager is one of the easiest ways to make sure that your financial data is up to date and correct. However, many small business owners who take care of their own bookkeeping aren’t doing this regularly yet. Since so many of you have asked questions about this topic, we thought we would first explain the importance of completing your bank reconciliation regularly, and also run through how to go about it using [...]

managing receivables

Managing receivables-goods and services provided to customers on credit

Australian small businesses are in a cycle of unhealthy cash flow with 62% of accounts being settled late and firms taking on average a shocking 54 days to pay bills according to the latest Trades Payments Analysis by Dunn & Bradstreet. The report also reveals that 28% of business executives view outstanding accounts-receivable as their biggest barrier to growth. How do small businesses get their customers to pay on time, break the cycle and improve cash flow? We recently spoke [...]

business at home

How to maintain your work/ life balance when you run a small business from home

One of the great things about running a business from home is the 30 second commute, which is probably how long it takes you to get from your kitchen table to your desk. It definitely beats the 40 minute journey some of us have to endure to get to work each day. You also save on rent or buying office space, you don’t need to worry about what to wear, and you have flexible working hours. It may seem like [...]

August 2014

Data Matching Programs

Is Your Business At Risk?

The ATO’s new Data Matching Programs are likely to match over 500 million business transactions this financial year! Data-matching means comparing the same information from two different sources and this process has expanded rapidly in recent years. While many small business owners may be aware of the Tax Office’s data-matching activities, technology is changing the landscape of the ATO’s compliance capabilities. The new computer system the ATO has invested in can reveal irregularities and unusual transactions very easily. Consequently, the Tax Office [...]

Reasons to Use Accounting Software

8 Great Reasons to use easy accounting software in your small business

As a small business owner you would rather be doing what you love and making money rather than doing your accounting, right? Most people find doing the bookkeeping for their small business a headache, but keeping good records is so important that it should really be made as easy as possible, shouldn’t it? Well, never fear, there is a simple solution to ease some of your pain! Cashflow Manager is a very easy small business accounting program designed especially for people [...]

July 2014

benefits of using invoicing software

Why your small business should be using invoicing software

The benefits of using Invoicing Software are pretty obvious! With Cashflow Manager, you can create invoices quickly and easily, but there are also little extras that will help your small business to become more efficient, and will give you insight into your business and customers. The first benefit is, that after creating it, your invoice can be sent immediately. And, you can choose whether to print it or not. You could choose to be completely paper free and send the invoice [...]

It’s a matter of time: how accounting software can save your small business hours of work

In business, time is money and anything that is taking you away from growing your business is costing you! Cashflow Manager small business accounting software saves you time by being easy to use. You can get started managing your business accounts straight away and you won’t have to spend weeks learning to use it. It will help you to enhance business processes, reduce mistakes and help complete tasks more efficiently. Many businesses still prepare their accounts using excel which is slow [...]

Online banking for small business

4 reasons to use online banking in your small business

Online banking offers a very welcome change from sitting down for hours to physically balance your cheque books and dealing with the errors that come from hand-written ledgers. It has now become so easy to manage your finances online… If you want to know how online banking can benefit you and your business, we have put together four reasons to use the Internet to manage your money. 1. Convenient Thanks to the Internet, our society has become incredibly impatient – but really, [...]

payroll software for business

4 Advantages of using payroll software in your Small Business

Employee costs are one of the largest expenses for small businesses, and having control over this element is essential for your growth and success. There is a fair bit of work involved in organizing paychecks and ensuring that you are contributing the right amount to taxes, superannuation and various other funds. With our payroll accounting software within Cashflow Manager Gold you can quickly and easily pay your employees. Here are just four of the many benefits of using payroll software for small business: 1. [...]

June 2014

Guide to tax terms

The Beginner’s Cheat Sheet to Small Business Taxes

It you are starting up your own small business, you need to get a grasp on tax terms pronto! Here are some terms you will have heard thrown around: GST: Goods and Services Tax And with GST comes your BAS:Business Activity Statement. PAYG: Pay as you Go withholding and installments Let’s break it down… GST (Goods and Services Tax) GST is a tax which is based on the transactions made within a business, sales and purchases. There are some sales and purchases that may be [...]