Cashflow Manager is the simplest small business accounting system. It’s designed to make financial record keeping as quick and easy as possible for sole traders and small business owners with no need for any accounting knowledge or experience.

The unique rows and columns interface makes Cashflow Manager very easy to use, and is one of the reasons it has won TechLife’s (formerly PC User) Best Cashbook Software multiple times.

Cashflow Manager makes managing your business and preparing GST and Tax Returns simple by keeping accurate records of your receipts (money in) and payments (money out), invoicing your customers and manages money you’re owed.

The software also tracks your GST, balances your records with your bank account, creates cashflow budgets and provides a wide range of reports to help you manage your small business.

See in just 90 seconds how much easier it is to manage your accounts with Cashflow Manager.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be an accountant! Record your financial transactions easily with our simple, intuitive rows and columns interface.

Invoice your customers

Create invoices for customers easily with Cashflow Manager and manage your accounts receivable – the money customers owe you.

Calculate GST Automatically

Cashflow Manager automatically calculates and records the GST, so completing and lodging your BAS Return online takes seconds.

Fast set-up

Setting up Cashflow Manager for your specific business needs takes just minutes with our setup wizard. Business templates automatically establish columns for the data you need.

Customise Easily

Flexibility is important for any growing small business, so Cashflow Manager is easy to customise and update to meet your changing needs.

Simple budgeting

Create, review and track cash flow budgets for your business, based on the money in and money out information you enter.

Sync with mobile

Connect with our mobile invoicing app so you can invoice from anywhere at any time. Cashflow Manager syncs all your mobile app data for perfect record keeping.

Small business intelligence

Understand your small business progress, and prepare your taxes easily. Comprehensive reporting includes the Profit and Loss, Cashflow and Monthly Summary reports.

Free phone support

A new software purchase includes free 12 month subscription to Cashflow Manager CARE which contains free telephone support, free upgrades and the ability to sync your mobile invoicing app with the program.

Price and Support

The suggested retail price of Cashflow Manager is $347 (inc GST) which also includes 12 months free support and upgrades. At the end of your 12 month free support term you will be invited to become a Cashflow Manager CARE member and continue to receive these benefits. Cashflow Manager CARE membership is $220 a year. There is also a $13.20 fee to cover postage and handling when you buy from this website or by phoning our office, so the total price including GST, postage and handling is $360.20.

You are protected by the Cashflow Manager Guarantee

No Questions Asked

Go ahead. You have nothing to lose

Try Cashflow Manager desktop products for a full 3 months and if, in the extremely unlikely event you are unhappy in any way, we want you to return it for a full refund.