May 2020

Back to work in COVID-19

Back to work in COVID-19

As each Australian state begins to relax lockdown restrictions, reopening the workplace and getting back to work in COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. The feeling of freedom and the sense that we are moving closer to normality is exciting. However, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has not gone away. So, to ensure we move through these difficult times in a healthy way, small business owners must create a safe environment for customers and employees. Developing safe work practices and changing [...]

March 2020

Self-care in a time of crisis

Self-care: finding peace in a time of crisis

We are over 100 days into the Coronavirus pandemic, and I don’t know about you but I’m just exhausted. Constant media updates, stock prices tanking and no loo roll – just flushable wet wipes, mmm lavender. It can’t be overstated, the way we lead our lives is changing. As small business owners, it’s a truly difficult time. Tourism, hospitality and retail have been severely affected. In fact, all industries have been affected. With customer behaviour changing rapidly – stockpiling, streaming, [...]

December 2019

Chair yoga: how to help your physical health at work

Chair yoga is an effective way to help your physical health at work. You’ve probably felt the effects of spending a long period of time at your desk; strained neck, sore shoulders and back, stiff spine. Sitting for hours a day puts a lot of strain on your body causing imbalances in your spinal structure, disc damage, and a stiffened back.  Alongside the aches and pains, there is a significant amount of research addressing the long-term health effects associated with desk-based work; high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, increased risk of diabetes, impacted blood flow and [...]

March 2016

Keeping healthy in the workplace: healthy lunch

Top Tips for Keeping Healthy in the Workplace

Keeping healthy at work after sitting at your desk for over 8 hours a day, is a challenge. It takes its toll on both your physical and mental health. In particular, watching your weight is a constant struggle; most offices have a biscuit tin and at least one generous colleague who regularly rocks up with chocolates, the odd donut box, and maybe a homemade cake. Combined with hectic schedules, deadlines, and not enough time, keeping fit and healthy seems near [...]

September 2015

spring clean

5 easy tips to spring clean your small business

It’s the first week of spring, so as the warmer weather sets in its time to give your business a spring clean. Here are five tips to help you revitalise and refresh your small business. Get on Top of your Bookkeeping Spring clean the way you think about bookkeeping in your small business. Small business owners struggle and stress every day about getting this done. One of the main reasons they avoid the books is because they feel intimidated by their [...]

September 2014

business at home

How to maintain your work/ life balance when you run a small business from home

One of the great things about running a business from home is the 30 second commute, which is probably how long it takes you to get from your kitchen table to your desk. It definitely beats the 40 minute journey some of us have to endure to get to work each day. You also save on rent or buying office space, you don’t need to worry about what to wear, and you have flexible working hours. It may seem like [...]