Small Business Coaching & Consulting

Add extra value to your firm by becoming a Cashflow Manager Coaching Strategic Partner and adding business coaching to your current suite of services.

Showcase your position as a small business expert with your clients, grow loyalty for your firm, and add a new high- yield profitable income stream to your practice with small business coaching from Cashflow Manager Coaching.

Cashflow Manager Coaching is a highly focused training system that puts the power of coaching in your hands to teach your clients how to unlock their potential for business growth and improve their profitability.

The benefits for you and your practice include greater loyalty and increased business from those clients as they grow. In addition to the greater business your practice will see from existing clients, small business consulting is also a highly effective strategy for attracting new clients.

Cashflow Manager Coaching is a proven methodology that has been meticulously crafted from Intrinsic Australia’s considerable expertise and experience working with many businesses.

Your practice is trained and supported by our experienced key management and fully trained business coaches.

We provide everything you need to start adding coaching revenue to your practice. When you become a Cashflow Manager Strategic Partner, you can count on:

  • Private one-on-one training for your Senior Director on coaching and mentoring clients.
  • Full ownership of developing your coaching plan.
  • All the manuals, systems and professional development you need to position yourself as a small business expert.
  • Administration systems, including database management.
  • Professional representation by Cashflow Manager Coaching consultants.

To find out more about Cashflow Manager Coaching please email