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Customer Story: DISO Insurance & Property Restorations

DISO Insurance and Property Restorations is a building company, renowned for its excellence in construction, structural building repair, and property restoration.

DISO was established in Queensland in 2010, by licensed builder, Spiro Kemertzis. Originally specialising in small business works, DISO soon expanded into all areas of the building industry – most notably insurance repairs. Spiro was soon in such high demand that he had to hire a team of tradesmen to work for him.

To address natural disasters, Spiro created a special division in his company called ‘Emergency Make Safe Attendance’. This team is able to attend to emergency call outs 24/7 to make sure that the householder is safe until the insurance company assesses the property.

With the expansion of his business, there was more pressure on Spiro to manage his financial data more efficiently, and the basic spreadsheet system he was using wasn’t up to the job.

Spiro first found out about Cashflow Manager through another builder friend. Spiro needed something that would assist with managing cash flow, invoicing for jobs and paying his team of tradesmen so he tried out Cashflow Manager Gold. He hasn’t looked back since, and says things have improved dramatically in terms of the accuracy and transparency of his records.

“It’s a tremendous program and we have access to it wherever we are. It is feature-packed and easy to use. It allows our business to manage cash flow, invoicing and billing in every day simple language. With the help of Cashflow Manager Gold, we have gained confidence, control and clarity in all our business finances.”

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