Choose a SuperStream Option

Before you get started with SuperStream you need to think about which payment option will be best for your business.

There are currently two different ways in which you can make your SuperStream payment:

Manual Method

  1. Register your company and employees with the clearing house of your choice.
  2. Create a Superannuation Remittance report in your payroll software.
    1. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab
    2. Select the ‘Superannuation Remittance Report’ and click [Next].
    3. Specify the options for the report by selecting the applicable employees and contribution period. For a comprehensive report select ‘All Funds’. Click [Preview].
    4. A preview of the report will appear. You can print, email or save the report as a PDF.
  1. Login to your clearing house and manually enter the super payment for each employee.

File Method

  1. Register your company and employees with the clearing house of your choice.
  2. Switch on SuperStream
    1. First you must switch on SuperStream via Tools > Options. Check the box that says ‘Use SuperStream’.
    2. Once the option is ticked, the SuperStream setup screen will appear. The SuperStream setup screen requires you to record super fund and employee Information that has not been previously recorded. Each fund needs to be selected individually and modified. To do this, select the appropriate fund, and click [Modify Fund].
    3. The ‘Modify Super fund’ screen will appear where you will need to enter all the super fund details.
    4. Once you have completed this, click [Save].
    5. Repeat the process for all of your employees’ funds and click [Next].
    6. Select each employee’s gender from the drop-down list. The SuperStream set up is complete.
  1. Create a SuperStream SAFF (SuperStream Alternative File Format) in Cashflow Manager
    1. Click on the ‘Superannuation’ tab at the top of the screen.
    2. Click on the [SuperStream] button.
    3. The ‘Superannuation Payments’ screen will then appear. Select the correct contribution period. The payment date will default to today’s date. You also have the option to transfer the payment to Cashflow Manager. Click [Next].
    4. The ‘Superannuation Payments’ screen will appear. Click on the [Create SuperStream File] button.
    5. The ‘Sender and Payer Information’ screen will then appear. Here the organisation name and ABN will automatically pre-fill. You must enter your name, email, phone number, BSB, account number and account name before creating the SAFF.
    6. Click on the [Create SAFF] button.
    7. The SAFF file will be in a CSV format. The file name will automatically pre-fill, and the file location will default to C/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/CFM/Cashflow10/SBR (you can change the file location by navigating to it). Click the [Save] button.
    8. The SAFF file has now been created and the super payment successfully recorded.
  1. Login to your clearing house and import your SuperStream file.