[Enhancement] Addition of a loan register. (Gold)

[Enhancement] Added Invoice number to subject when emailing. (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added Purchase Order number option to Invoice Wizard layout.  (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added button to email invoice statements from Customer screen.  (Blue)

[Enhancement] Updated TFN declaration specs for SBR reporting. (Wages)

[Enhancement] Unlock code can be copied from email and pasted in to program when unlocking.

[Enhancement] Updated default hourly rate for Paid Parental Leave.  (Wages)

[Enhancement] Dashboard graphs now load in background to speed up file loading times.

[Enhancement] Implemented 2018/2019 PAYG tax changes.  (Wages)

[Enhancement] Change to Holiday makers tax calculation. From 2019 financial year tax will be calculated based on year to date amount earned.  (Wages)