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How to manage and embrace change in turbulent times

The new “working-from-home economy” is predicted to continue long past the pandemic that prompted it. That’s not all: e-commerce has likely changed forever as online shopping boomed during lockdowns; Zoom meetings and get-togethers are now commonplace; and we all now know how to properly wash our hands. More things will change, and some will never return to “normal”.

With human beings naturally wired to resist change, we’re taking a look at strategies that can help you manage your stress in the face of uncertainty, as well as how you might even come to view change positively.

Write down a list of tasks

If you feel like you have a million tasks to complete (and you don’t know where to start), pause for a second – then get your notebook out. Research has shown that writing things down reduces stress and anxiety, and when you write down actions you need to take, you’ll likely be able to identify priorities more easily and feel less overwhelmed at the sheer volume of work you need to finish.

Take up a hobby and be consistent with it

Finding a new hobby can work wonders for your stress levels. Any hobby will do – but obviously, during a pandemic, a solo hobby is ideal. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start journaling, go for runs, learn a new language, or start painting: whatever it is, set aside some time for it at least once per week, and find somewhere you can access guidance (remote classes? YouTube videos?) to create some structure in life when it feels like none exists.

Listen to the experts

Sometimes, all you need to ease your mind is the knowledge that someone else has gone through what you’re experiencing, or feeling the same uncertainty – and come out the other side. A good book, film or song can do just that. And don’t just stop at the arts: there’s some great journalism on the topic of embracing change, as well as a plethora of TED talks – like this one from Manu Shahi that’s full of tips on changing your mindset.

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