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General FAQs

Cashflow Manager is compatible with the smaller 100% DPI settings, so if the settings are incorrect you may not be able to see all the tabs.

To change your DPI settings:

Windows 10

  1. Close Cashflow Manager
  2. Click on your [start] button
  3. Select [Settings]
  4. Select [System]
  5. Select [Display]
  6. Change the setting to 100%
  7. Restart your computer

Windows 8

  1. Close Cashflow Manager
  2. Click on your [Start] button
  3. Select [Control Panel]
  4. Ensure you are viewing by small or large icons (drop down menu in right-hand corner)
  5. Select ‘Display’
  6. Select ‘100% Smaller’
  7. Click [Apply]
  8. Restart your computer

Windows 7

  1. Close Cashflow Manager
  2. Click on your [Start] button
  3. Select [Control Panel]
  4. Ensure you are viewing by small or large icons (drop down menu in right-hand corner)
  5. Select ‘Display’
  6. Select ‘100% Smaller’
  7. Click [Apply]
  8. Restart your computer

Generally, you will only need to restore a file if something has happened to your existing file such as a corruption, a virus, or you are reinstalling Cashflow Manager on a new computer.

To restore your backup file to Cashflow Manager click on the ‘Restore’ icon. Click the [Browse] button to select the location of the backup file being restored. Select the file and click [Open]. When you do this, the ‘Restore destination path’ box will automatically fill with the default location for the restoration file. You will not need to change this unless you have previously changed the default restoration path, in which case you should navigate to the proper folder using the [Change] button. Click on the [Restore] button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. When asked if you want to replace the file, click [Yes]. Click [OK] and you will be returned to the home screen of Cashflow Manager.

It is recommended that you backup your Cashflow Manager file each time you finish working with the program. Backing up your file minimizes the loss of data if there is a sudden power loss or if your computer should fail. It is recommended that you do a secondary backup to an external location separate from your computer such as a USB drive, external hard drive or an online storage account.

To backup your records:

  1. Click on the backup icon or select [File] and then [Backup].
  2. The backup window will open and will show the default backup path which is C:\Users\”Users Folder”\appData\Roaming\CFM\Cashflow 10\Data
  3. You will then need to click [Save] then [Backup] to complete the backup process.

To backup to a USB or external harddrive:

  1. Click [File] and then [Backup].
  2. Click on the [Browse] button and select the drive you wish to save to.
  3. When the backup has been successful you will see a message saying ‘Backup Complete’.

To import your data from a previous version you will need to select ‘Create New Business’ from your welcome screen. It will then ask you if you have an existing Cashflow Manager file you wish to import. Select ‘Yes’. You will need to type in the name of your business and then browse to the location where you store your Cashflow Manager business files. Once you have clicked [Next] you will need to browse to the location on your PC where you wish to save your new business file and click [Save]. Now you are ready to work in the latest version of Cashflow Manager.

On a mac you have a couple of different options for installing software that allows you to run Windows and Windows applications.

Option 1: For the budget conscious
The first option is to use software called ‘Boot Camp’. You will find the Boot Camp Assistant app in the Utilities folder of your Mac. Once Boot Camp is installed you will be able to install Windows 7,8 or 10 on a separate partition. You will then be able to install your Cashflow Manager software.

Option 2: For ultimate convenience
Purchase software called Parallels or VMware Fusion, which allows you to install Windows 7, 8 or 10 onto your Mac. This program can be placed in the program dock and opened at any time while working within a Mac environment. The user can toggle between the two platforms (Mac or Windows) as necessary.

To download the program, visit the Cashflow Manager Downloads Centre and select the Version 11 program you wish to install. You will need to click [save] to save the downloaded file to a location of your choice (eg: downloads folder). The file will then download. Once the program file has finished downloading, navigate to its location (eg: downloads folder).
To install the program, double-click on the file. Click on ‘More Info’ and then click on ‘Run Anyway’. You can now follow the easy installation wizard to finish the process. Once the program has installed, a program icon will be created on your desktop.

Cashflow Manager, and associated products, are designed to run on a PC computer running Windows 8 or later. In some cases the software may run on Windows 7 but this will depend upon the Windows 7 Updates installed in the computer. Please Note: Microsoft will not support Windows 7 from 14th January 2020.

The program requires at least 4GB of RAM with a XVGA [1024×768] or higher resolution monitor with 16 bit colour. You will need at least 150MB of hard disk space on your computer for your program and tutorial files.

Program Updates

[Enhancement] New Company Logo and Tag Line splash screen for all products

[Enhancement] New Company Logo and Tag Line Image inside software above Side-Menu for all products

[Enhancement] Non- GST Feature for entities not registered for GST (Gold)

[Fix] Changes made to leave register to speed up save times. (Wages)

[Fix] Updated HELP Tax Rates to include the new 2% bracket (Wages)

[Fix] Records with edited GST or split allocations now show correct GST total on Transaction listing report. (Gold)



[Fix] Working in Invoice manager while Dashboard graphs are loading no longer causes errors.  (Gold)

[Fix] Large numbes of allowances printed on Payment Summaries no longer causes over printing of Total allowance label. (Wages)

[Fix] Transferring wages data to Electronic payments no longer gives errors.  (Wages)

[Fix] Updated Empdupe files to prevent warning messages if no FBT amounts recorded.  (Wages)

[Enhancement] Addition of a loan register. (Gold)

[Enhancement] Added Invoice number to subject when emailing. (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added Purchase Order number option to Invoice Wizard layout.  (Blue)

[Enhancement] Added button to email invoice statements from Customer screen.  (Blue)

[Enhancement] Updated TFN declaration specs for SBR reporting. (Wages)

[Enhancement] Unlock code can be copied from email and pasted in to program when unlocking.

[Enhancement] Updated default hourly rate for Paid Parental Leave.  (Wages)

[Enhancement] Dashboard graphs now load in background to speed up file loading times.

[Enhancement] Implemented 2018/2019 PAYG tax changes.  (Wages)

[Enhancement] Change to Holiday makers tax calculation. From 2019 financial year tax will be calculated based on year to date amount earned.  (Wages)

[Fix] Missing currency symbol in options no longer causes errors when creating ABA files.  (Blue)

[Fix] Bank details now load correctly when adding entries to Electronic Payments. (Blue)

[Fix] Correct Bank and Cash codes now used in MYOB export files.  (Blue)

[Fix] Reportable super is now calculating correctly on multiple pays for employees under the age of 18  (Wages)

[Fix] Software record in Empdupe file is correct length for 2018 year.  (Wages)

[Fix] Deduction reports drilldown are correct if deduction name is edited.  (Wages)

[Fix] On hand inventory figures no longer display to 13 decimal places.  (Gold)

[Fix] Net Cashflow Graph on Dash board now displays current financial year correctly.

[Fix] Adding new column to all accounts in Accountant export file now works.

[Fix] Business Type list no longer duplicates list each time Asset section is opened.

[Enhancement] Addition of an Asset manager to Gold version.

[Fix] Post code label in TFN Declaration screen now shows.

[Fix] Employees will no longer duplicate when changing pay structure.

[Fix] Address and extra fields now print correctly on Customised Supplier Invoices and Purchase Orders.

[Fix] Account drop down list no longer duplicates when multiple money in records are processed for Invoices and transferred to Cashflow


General FAQs

Yes. Clients can select their accountants in settings if they are Inner Circle members. Inner Circle members can then access different clients with a single sign-on. If an accountant or bookkeeper is not an Inner Circle member, the client can add them as a user in the same way that they add other users to the program.

Your data can be retained if you subscribe before your 30 day trial expires.

You have the choice to carry on with the data you have entered or start a clean business.

Yes, just create a login and select to run the trial. You have access to a 30 day fully functional trial.

Program Updates

[Enhancement] Adding Supplier functionality to Invoicing.

  • Suppliers
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase Invoicing
  • Money Out
  • Returns
  • Over payments
  • Supplier reports
  • Supplier Inquiry
  • Expanded Inventory
    • Buy Prices
    • Inventory tracking

[Fix] Prevented rounding of cents on large amounts for both Money In and Out records.

[Fix] Money In records from invoices can now be removed correctly.

[Fix] Send button now displays correctly when emailing invoices and reports.

[Fix] Picking Slip now displays Company details and Invoice date correctly.

[Fix] Corrected spelling on remittance advice.


[Enhancement] Added VAT Online reporting (UK Only).

[Enhancement] Customer Diary Added

[Enhancement] Email document function added to Settings

[Enhancement] Email templates accessible in all print previews.

[Enhancement] Ability to record an over-payment to an invoice.

[Enhancement] Ability to apply Money In to more than one invoice added.

[Enhancement] Order Status report has been added.

[Enhancement] Processed Receipts List report has been added.

[Enhancement] Sales by Customer report has been added.

[Enhancement] Sales Invoices report has been added.

[Enhancement] Adjustment Notes List report has been added.

[Enhancement] Customer List report has been added.

[Enhancement] Budget report has been added.

[Enhancement] Sales by Product report has been added.

[Enhancement] Adjustment Notes report has been added.

[Enhancement] Sales Invoice List report has been added.

[Enhancement] Sales activity and Sales GST reports have been added.

[Enhancement] Extra fields have been added to customer details. (Second Phone #, Shipping address, extra fields 1 to 4)

[Enhancement] Options for Adjustment Notes, Credits and Customer Inquiry have been moved to Customer section.

[Enhancement] Added bank csv description mapping.

[Enhancement] Picking slip can now be printed for an invoice.

[Enhancement] Credit limits can be set for a customer, invoices will show customer balance and credit limit if set.

[Enhancement] Invoice payments with a mix of tax types will be marked as edited GST when transferred to Money In.

[Enhancement] Payments renamed to Money In.

[Enhancement] Added Customer types to settings to allow multiple inventory prices to be set.

[Enhancement] Inventory prices can be saved up to 4 decimal places if required.

[Ehancement] Deposit sort order changed so newest entries are at the top of the list.

[Fix] Money In/Out allows transactions  of $0 for recording of deductions from gross receipts.

[Fix] Invoices will save correctly if line description is long.

[Fix] Invoices now email from invoice list.

[Fix] Deposit date change now works.

[Fix] Selecting a deposit now correctly lists all included receipts.