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Madhvi Singh employee spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Madhvi, a fearless go-getter

You know those people who seem to have endless time? Who are always trying new things, new hobbies, and getting involved in their community?

Well, that’s Madhvi.

When she’s not running our sales team  as the Sales Account Manager – Madhvi is out exploring the outdoors, trying exotic food, or picking up a paintbrush (she’s just about to start painting a 6x4m canvas!).

Before moving to Australia in 2016, Madhvi had even founded a charitable organisation in India that turned old, donated materials into beautiful and artistic creations. She recycled and hand-crafted everything from old tyres to a chandelier made from more than 500 recycled bottles.

As her little community charity operation grew, the proceeds paid for many local kids’ schooling. Eventually, Madhvi was even able to employ a few people to help her.

Incredibly, she did all this while also working full-time.

“I started promoting the idea through Facebook and the community would donate things via a big box I had outside,” she explained.

“Everything was done from the rooftop of my old house.”

Madhvi joined Cashflow Manager in February 2018 and brought with her a breadth of experience spanning tech giant Dell, international news-media company Newscorp, real-estate and a bachelor’s degree in Accounts and Economics. Madhvi first joined Cashflow Manager in the Customer Engagement Team. Her leadership qualities and experience meant she quickly moved up the ranks and was promoted to Sales Account manager.

Since joining Cashflow Manager Madhvi has enjoyed watching the company expand and mature.

“I really like how everyone works as a team. Everyone is approachable and answers your questions,” she said.

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