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5 small business marketing trends to implement now!

Marketing adapts and improves alongside technological changes. As technology advances, it is important to get on top of the current marketing trends, as they can help you understand which of your efforts is creating the best results.

Therefore, to make the most of your marketing and advertising strategies, you should think about implementing the following marketing trends.

Content Marketing

You may have heard that content is key. Both customers and search engines favour new and compelling content. To achieve high search engine ranking, you need to be posting consistent and high quality content on your website, and not relying on an over-use of keywords.

Social Media

Although social media has been around for a while now, you can’t automatically assume that your old strategies will work well now. Social media is changing and becoming more innovative, so utilise the platform that best suits your business. Focus your attention on building a loyal following where you will have the biggest impact.

Email Marketing

Another marketing strategy that is still useful for small businesses are email campaigns. It has been found that among online marketing techniques, a good email strategy is an excellent way of relating with your customers and also has a high conversion rate.

Video Marketing

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to engage with a captive audience! Audiences respond well to messages being presented in a short, charming and graphic way, and there a large sections of the market that are active viewers of video marketing. Many are voluntarily watching them to be entertained and are therefore more likely to engage with your message if your video does this.

Graphics are Important

As we saw with video marketing, visual communication is becoming increasingly popular. The new designs and use of large cover photos on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook reflect this emergence which has also seen infographics, Tumblr and Pinterest explode onto the scene. So whatever your message, translate it into a compelling visual marketing message for better results.

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