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Become a Cashflow Manager Affiliate Referral Partner to increase your practice’s added-value income and enjoy the increased efficiency of knowing the clients you refer will be sending you fully reconciled records.

How does it work?

As an affiliate referral partner all you have to do is place a Cashflow Manager button on your website. When any visitor to your site clicks on that button it connects them to our website, where than can purchase a copy of Cashflow Manager. When the sale is completed, you will receive a payment from us which is the wholesale margin.

The Accountants Inner Circle

Accountants in public practice are invited to membership in the exclusive Accountants’ Inner Circle. Benefits to members include:

Free Cashflow Manager Software and Cloud Accounts

You get extended licences for the complete range of Cashflow Manager client software programs. It includes free updates to the latest versions so everyone in your firm can process your own and your clients’ accounts quickly and efficiently. In addition, Inner Circle accountants receive a free account on our cloud accounting software, with an easy single sign-in to access all your client files in the one convenient place.

Added-Value Income You Can Count On

Increase the profitability of your firm with these added-value income streams:

  • Purchase Cashflow Manager products at wholesale prices to resell to your clients.
  • An ongoing rebate for clients you sign up to Cashflow Manager Cloud.
  • Membership of the Cashflow Manager Affiliate Referral program.

Exclusive Member Benefits and Products

Inner Circle members can also get:

  • Exclusive accountants-only documentation, training, technical support and communications to improve your practice efficiency showcase your expertise.
  • Priority support on an Accountant Inner Circle 1300 hotline.
  • A new responsive website, designed especially for your practice and set up to meet accountants’ specific requirements.

Inner Circle member get all this value for just $220 per year, plus we’ll completely waive the annual membership fee for firms who refer at least 3 of their clients a year.

Our members have increased their revenue and efficiency by referring more than 130,000 Australian small businesses to Cashflow Manager software products.

Click the button below to join them in the Accountants’ Inner Circle.