Owning rental properties is an excellent source of income for investors, but it’s vital to keep thorough and accurate records to get the most value out of our investment properties and keep on the right side of the Australian Taxation Office.

Accurate recordkeeping is also important to claim all deductions you’re entitled to, minimise any capital gains tax when it’s time to sell, and just as importantly – avoid any headaches if the ATO decides to audit you.

Rent Manager makes it easy and removes stress for investment property owner by recording your rental receipts, payments, your Agents Summary and more. It even calculates your depreciation on furniture and fittings and tracks your loans.

In addition to providing peace of mind at sale time by keeping all records relevant to Capital Gains Tax, Rent Manager can help you find your next investment by analysing potential properties in your market.

See in just 1 minute how much easier record keeping for investment properties is with Rent Manager

Breeze through an audit

Keep calm in the event of a tax audit – Rent Manager keeps all your rental property records organised in one easy-to-find place.

Calculate deductions & depreciations

Automatically calculate depreciation of furniture and fittings, tax deductible building allowances, and any borrowing costs you can claim as tax deductions.

Claim car expenses

Get the most out of your tax deductions. Rent Manager even records your car details so you can justify all your deductible expenses.

Simplify tax time

Simply print and give your accountant all the reports and information they need to complete your tax returns, straight from Rent Manager.

Sell with confidence

Calculate your Capital Gains Tax easily and sell with confidence, with accurate purchase and disposal information recorded in the program.

Grow your wealth

Use the Property Analysis Module to evaluate potential investments and identify ideal opportunities for growing your rental income.

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