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Cashflow Manager is the world’s simplest small business accounting system. It’s designed to make financial record keeping as quick and easy as possible for sole traders and small business owners with no need for any accounting knowledge or experience.

The unique rows and columns interface makes Cashflow Manager very easy to use, and is one of the reasons it has won TechLife’s (formerly PC User) Best Cashbook Software multiple times.

Cashflow Manager makes managing your business and preparing GST and Tax Returns simple by keeping accurate records of your receipts (money in) and payments (money out), invoicing your customers and manages money you’re owed.

The software also tracks your GST, balances your records with your bank account, creates cashflow budgets and provides a wide range of reports to help you manage your small business.

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Cashflow Manager is designed to run on a PC computer running the Windows platform, however if you are a Mac user, you are able to run the program using Bootcamp or Parallels software, very simply.