Business Planning: Executive Summary

The purpose of an executive summary is to outline the company’s purpose and goals. It needs to clearly define each section of your plan so the reader is prepared for the upcoming content. Your summary is considered as the most important part of your business plan, it sets it up for success. Even though your summary is generally at the start of your business plan, it is often written last. Think of it as the trailer for a new Hollywood [...]


How to set business goals and objectives you WILL achieve

As an entrepreneur, you probably have no shortage of ideas and dreams, but sometimes you can fall short when it comes to putting them into action. Even with the best plans in place, life can sometimes get in the way of you achieving your goals. Life throws you curveballs, or you get sidetracked with something else, and before you realise you are miles away from the original plan. Here are some tips for setting goals and objectives for your small [...]


6 things small business owners can learn from the Winter Olympics

The Sochi Winter Olympics has been a masterclass on how to set goals and work to achieve them. The perseverance, time and dedication displayed by the talented athletes are inspiring and somewhat similar to what entrepreneurs do. Therefore I have drawn some parallels and found six things that the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics can teach small business owners. To Reach Your Goals You Have to Put in the Hard Work Thousands of hours have gone into the training and [...]


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