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November 2020


Is merchandise still relevant for brand awareness?

Company t-shirts, stress balls, pens: we all have them, and we’re bound to collect more as time goes on. Branded merchandise is still a go-to for many businesses looking to increase brand recall among their audience, but times have changed since its invention. With the world more digitised than ever before, paired with COVID-19 wreaking havoc on almost every aspect of business, the benefits of brand merchandise must now be considered very carefully before spending can be justified. We take [...]

June 2020

Business Planning: Marketing and Sales

The marketing and sales section of your business plan should cover the basics; your target market and competition, defining your product messaging, pricing, and other marketing strategies to maximise sales. Marketing is not just advertising; marketing is an investment in the growth of your business. Like any other investment, money spent on marketing must generate a return. With that in mind, the aim of the Marketing and Sales chapter of your business plan is to answer the question “How will [...]

October 2014

marketing trends

5 small business marketing trends to implement now!

Marketing adapts and improves alongside technological changes. As technology advances, it is important to get on top of the current marketing trends, as they can help you understand which of your efforts is creating the best results. Therefore, to make the most of your marketing and advertising strategies, you should think about implementing the following marketing trends. Content Marketing You may have heard that content is key. Both customers and search engines favour new and compelling content. To achieve high search engine [...]