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May 2020

goals and objectives

Business Planning: Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives steer a new business in the right direction and help to keep an existing business on the right track. Think about it, you need a final destination before you can land a plane. Including your business goals and objectives in your business plan is giving the reader confidence in you and the future of the company. In this section of ‘Business Planning,’  we will cover how to set your business goals and objectives. To start, you need a [...]

January 2020

business plan

Why business plans are the recipe for success

A business plan is the recipe you are going to follow to construct and develop your business. Have you ever baked a cake without checking what ingredients are needed or finding out the correct measurements? If you have, the chances are it didn’t turn out as you’d expect. Running a business is much like baking a cake, without following the recipe your business can end up crumbling. Companies that write and review their business plan regularly grow 30% faster  than [...]

August 2019

Knowledge Base: Your Cashflow Manager Help Centre

You spoke, we listened, and now we would like to introduce you to Knowledge Base, our online Cashflow Manager Help Centre. Cashflow Manager Knowledge Base This centralised hub, which you can access direct from the support tab on the Cashflow Manager website, gives you instant access to helpful information on all Cashflow products, from installing the latest software update to handy hints and tips for setting up and using Single Touch Payroll. Access Knowledge Base direct from the Cashflow Manager website Knowledge Base [...]

May 2015

Small business bookkeeping deadly sin #2: Not doing the books often enough

A bad habit that many small business owners admit to is that they do not put time into doing the books very often. Sometimes this stretches for months at a time and culminates at tax time. However, a regular bookkeeping system can provide you with benefits that you would otherwise miss out on. Bookkeeping can be an important asset for your business. It can put your business on a successful course by helping you make those important decisions. A yearly [...]

Small business bookkeeping mistakes

Small business bookkeeping deadly sin #1: Not reconciling your records to your bank statement

So, what is the first small business bookkeeping deadly sin? Failing to complete a bank reconciliation. It is one of the first things your business accountant and tax auditor will want to see. It is an easy way of ensuring your finances are up to date and indicates the quality of your records. NON-RECONCILED RECORDS: Are a headache for your accountant and will require more time to analyse. You may pay more than necessary to the Tax Office because you missed something like [...]

Bookeeping mistakes

The 9 deadly small business bookkeeping sins… and how you can avoid them

Time and time again, businesses continue to succeed for one fundamental reason. It doesn’t matter how much money they start with, how lucky they get, or even how much talent they can combine. It certainly doesn’t depend on knowing some special “secret” that no one else in their industry has cottoned on to. Having any of these things can help, just as it helps to have an excellent product or service and plenty of common sense. But in our long experience, [...]