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July 2019

Customise customer invoices

How To Customise Your Customer Invoices

Sending invoices is a major role for a business owner, without them, you don’t get paid. Cashflow Manager has the functionality to customise your customer invoices. By using a customised layout, you can add on a logo or image, personalized messaging, payment terms and payment information. The Customised Layout function is located in the Invoice Manager module under the Tools menu. In there you have the option to customise Invoices, Adjustment Notes, Picking Slips, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Receipts and Statements. To [...]

November 2015

Mistakes with bookkeeping

Small Business Bookkeeping Deadly Sin #4: Allowing Customers to Buy on Credit and Then Not Following Up

Don’t commit this deadly sin because it could result in you waiting weeks to be paid! Make sure that you are getting paid for your work ASAP by taking payment the same time that the transaction occurs. This happens much too often, so follow these ideas to get paid quickly 1. You’re not a bank, so don’t give credit if you don’t have to You a basically giving your customers an interest free loan whenever you extend them credit! This is not [...]

September 2014

managing receivables

Managing receivables-goods and services provided to customers on credit

Australian small businesses are in a cycle of unhealthy cash flow with 62% of accounts being settled late and firms taking on average a shocking 54 days to pay bills according to the latest Trades Payments Analysis by Dunn & Bradstreet. The report also reveals that 28% of business executives view outstanding accounts-receivable as their biggest barrier to growth. How do small businesses get their customers to pay on time, break the cycle and improve cash flow? We recently spoke [...]