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4 reasons you should be updating your accounting software regularly

As the new year begins our thoughts usually turn to new beginnings and making resolutions. It’s a way of promising ourselves to improve in year ahead. That applies as much to your business as it does to your personal life.

If you are starting the year with the intention of repeating what you did the year before and the year before that, then your business is stagnating not growing. It is important that you take the time to make plans for your business’ future.

Just as important to planning your business’ future is that you have a plan to maintain and update the tools that manage your business. At Cashflow Manager we are surprised and concerned to hear that many of our clients continue to use outdated versions of our software.

Here are 4 big reasons to make sure you update your accounting software and are on the latest version of Cashflow Manager:

Your data remains safe

Running obsolete versions of Cashflow Manager on old versions of the Windows operating system, leaves your systems and business data vulnerable to security breaches and/or hardware failures.

Abide by accounting and taxation laws

By keeping your Cashflow Manager software up to date, you are assured that your business is as up to date with current legislation as it can be. This is especially important due to the ATO’s digital reform agenda which will change the way your business reports to them. For GOLD and Wages Manager users, taxes, superannuation and other requirements for paying employees change year to year.

Keep everything compatible

Our software is designed to work on the latest operating systems. For example, if you are using our software from 2007 you may have trouble trying to run it on Windows 10. Similarly, if you tried to run the software update of the latest Cashflow Manager on Windows XP, you would have problems. By keeping your accounting software and operating system up to date you won’t come across these kinds of compatibility issues.

Make life simpler

All updates to the Cashflow Manager software are created with our users in mind. Any changes reflect feedback from our customers and accountants, and are packed with features to make doing your bookkeeping as easy as possible.

Click here to visit our Download Centre and get your hands on the latest version of Cashflow Manager.

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