Your free invoicing application for Android is here!

Following the successful launch of Cashflow Manager for the iPad and iPhone in 2015, we are very excited to release an Android version of the Cashflow Manager mobile accounting software which is now available to download on Google Play.

In order to improve their cash flow small businesses need a quick, efficient invoicing process. A simple invoicing application such as Cashflow Manager, can allow businesses to send out professional invoices in just a few steps.
Here are some benefits of using the invoicing application in your small business:

Access anywhere
You do not have to wait until you are back in the office to send an invoice – access and send your invoices from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Invoice quickly and simply
Once you are set up you can choose your customer, fill in the details of your invoice and email it to them from the invoicing application. It’s as simple as that.

Get paid quicker
A very important part of maintaining good cash flow is for businesses to ensure clients are paying them on time, by sending out their invoices in a timely manner.

Invoices look professional 

Professional-looking, GST compliant invoices with all your business details are generated every time.

Save time
Synchronise your invoices with the latest version of Cashflow Manager’s desktop accounting software, saving the time of having to enter or reenter invoicing data into the accounts at the end of the day.

Minimise paperwork
Most companies still produce lots of paperwork. Reduce the cost of paper, envelopes and stamps by emailing your invoices via the invoicing application. Using Cashflow Manager will also allow you to archive and store invoices electronically rather than taking up valuable office space.

Become more organised 
An invoicing application makes it easy to manage and search for invoices, as well as creating customers and inventory items whilst away from the office.

It is free to use as long as you have the latest version of Cashflow Manager and are a current CARE support member.

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