Back to work in COVID19 shop is open

Back to work in COVID-19

As each Australian state begins to relax lockdown restrictions, reopening the workplace and getting back to work in COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. The feeling of freedom and the sense that we are moving closer to normality is exciting. However, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has not gone away. So, to ensure we move through these difficult times in a healthy way, small business owners must create a safe environment for customers and employees. Developing safe work practices and [...]


Business Planning: Your Competition

Analysing your competition is a key component when writing your business plan. Understanding both your current and potential competitors is critical to ensure your business survives and grows. In this chapter of Business Planning you will learn the key aspects of conducting a competitor analysis. An analysis can be a time-consuming exercise, to make the process easier start with the current businesses you will directly compete with. For example, if you plan on opening a local bakery you should investigate [...]


Mindfulness for small business owners: 5 steps to stay mindful

The next segment in our self-care series is mindfulness for small business owners. This week, the government has released a three-step framework for opening up the country. From the economy and social behaviours through to education and travel, the framework offers an in-depth plan to get us back to normal – whatever that looks like.   Throughout COVID-19 there has been a significant impact on the Australian economy, particularly for small businesses. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that 70% of small business will see reduced demand [...]


Business Planning: Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives steer a new business in the right direction and help to keep an existing business on the right track. Think about it, you need a final destination before you can land a plane. Including your business goals and objectives in your business plan is giving the reader confidence in you and the future of the company. In this section of ‘Business Planning,’  we will cover how to set your business goals and objectives. To start, you need [...]

Shop local for small business

Shop local: they need you now more than ever

There are over 2.1 million small businesses in Australia, accounting for 33% of Australia’s GDP, employing over 40% of Australia’s workforce, and paying around 12% of total company tax revenue. They are the lifeblood of the Australian economy. As the number of COVID-19 cases increases daily in Australia and now non-essential businesses forced to close across the country, small business owners are being hit hard. Social distancing, cancelled events, self-quarantine and working from home all contribute to the challenges small [...]

Self care in a time of crisis

Self-care: finding peace in a time of crisis

We are over 100 days into the Coronavirus pandemic, and I don’t know about you but I’m just exhausted. Constant media updates, stock prices tanking and no loo roll – just flushable wet wipes, mmm lavender. It can’t be overstated, the way we lead our lives is changing. As small business owners, it’s a truly difficult time. Tourism, hospitality and retail have been severely affected. In fact, all industries have been affected. With customer behaviour changing rapidly – stockpiling, streaming, [...]

Collaboration tools for small businesses

5 collaboration tools small businesses should know about

Collaboration is key to achieving sustainable growth and longevity for many businesses. Connecting with co-workers is easier than ever thanks to modern collaboration tools for small businesses. Who would have thought you could communicate with your team through a video call, group chat and share documents all at once with the click of a button. The best part? You don’t have to be in the same room or even country. There are hundreds of options in the market today, so [...]


Business Planning: Executive Summary

The purpose of an executive summary is to outline the company’s purpose and goals. It needs to clearly define each section of your plan so the reader is prepared for the upcoming content. Your summary is considered as the most important part of your business plan, it sets it up for success. Even though your summary is generally at the start of your business plan, it is often written last. Think of it as the trailer for a new Hollywood [...]


Out with AUSkey, in with myGovID

Australian business owners have been using AUSkey for the past 10 years to access government business services. At the end of March 2020, myGovId and the Relationship Authorisation Management (RAM) system will replace AUSkey and be the only way business owners can access online government services. With the replacement of AUSkey a host of online government services will not be accessible without a myGovId or RAM. These include: ATO: single touch payroll and lodging tax returns Australian Business Register: updating the business [...]


Small business trends 2020

As a business owner, keeping up with the hottest small business trend is important to grow your business. It is unlikely that each trend will have a direct effect on your business as what you do is unique. But, awareness of any major developments that could impact the behaviour of your customers is essential. It will put you ahead of the competition and provide time to plan for potential growth or decline in business. To give you the best chance [...]