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Cashflow Manager, and associated products, are designed to run on a PC computer running Windows 8 or later. In some cases the software may run on Windows 7 but this will depend upon the Windows 7 Updates installed in the computer. Please Note: Microsoft will not support Windows 7 from 14th January 2020.

You will also need at least 4GB of RAM and a monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 900 or higher to run the software.

Latest Versions


Cashflow Manager


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Cashflow Manager Gold

with 2019/2020 tax changes
& Single Touch Payroll

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Wages Manager

with 2019/2020 tax changes
& Single Touch Payroll

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Wages 1 – 4

with 2019/2020 tax changes
& Single Touch Payroll

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To guarantee a simple and seamless experience updating your Cashflow Manager software please ensure you have read our system requirements and download information below.

System Requirements and Download information

Find a solution that meets your business needs


 Cashflow Manager Version 7, 8 and 9 are now retired. It’s time to upgrade to the latest version of our software.

Some users using Norton Anti-Virus have reported that the downloaded file is not showing on their computer.

If this applies to you, follow these steps to allow Norton to trust the new version.

  •     Double click on Norton 360
  •     Click on ‘Tasks’
  •     Click on ‘Check Security History’
  •     Click on ‘Show drop down arrow’ and select ‘Quarantine’
  •     Go to the right hand side and select Files/Programs
  •     Click on ‘Cashflow Manager Version 11’
  •     Over on the right hand side click on ‘Restore’ and ‘Options’
  •     Then click on ‘Restore’

A message will appear asking if you would like to allow this program to be trusted in the future click on ‘Yes’.

This will now allow Cashflow Manager to successfully download.

Category Description Link
Full Install Cashflow Manager GOLD v10.5 with 2017/2018 tax changes (77Mb) – Note: v10.0 license required after 30 day trial Download
Full Install Wages Manager v10.5 with 2017/2018 tax changes (77Mb) – Note: v10.0 license required after 30 day trial Download
Full Install Cashflow Manager v10.5 (77Mb) – Note: v10.0 license required after 30 day trial Download

Future Versions

You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking items. Items in this list may be removed and/or updated without notice.

  • [Enhancement] Adding dashboards for Profitability and Working Capital.
  • [Enhancement] New Customised invoice layouts option.
  • [Enhancement] Conversion facility to convert Desktop data to the Cloud program.
  • [Enhancement] Additional functionality to be added to Asset manager.
  • [Enhancement] Addition of a loan register.
  • [Enhancement] Added functionality to manage Custom rates in Wages.

Version 11.1 Enhancement

  • [Enhancement] Addition of an Asset manager to Gold version.

Version 11.1 Fixes

  • [Fix] Post code label in TFN Declaration screen now shows.
  • [Fix] Employees will no longer duplicate when changing pay structure.
  • [Fix] Address and extra fields now print correctly on Customised Supplier Invoices and Purchase Orders.
  • [Fix] Account drop down list no longer duplicates when multiple money in records are processed for Invoices and transferred to Cashflow

Version 11.0.5 Enhancement

  • [Enhancement] Changes made to the colour scheme. Including Dashboard, Money In/Out columns Employee Details and Grid Headers for all sections.

Version 11.0.5 Fixes

  • [Fix] Extra fields data recorded at invoice level now print.
  • [Fix] Stopped unnecessary message when printing Invoices.
  • [Fix] Column colour changes made in options are now saving.

Version 11.0.4 Fixes

  • [Fix] Data fields in customised layouts pick up correct data if customers are renamed.
  • [Fix] Customised layouts will prompt user to save when clicking on cross to close.
  • [Fix] Made changes for date handling to prevent errors on dashboard if non Australian dates set on computer.
  • [Fix] Fixed error if negative Money Out entries have been recorded.
  • [Fix] Corrected handling of Leap year dates.

Version 11.0.3 Enhancements

  • [Enhancement] Click through option for Dashboard graphs. Clicking on a graph in Dashboard will take user to corresponding report
  • [Enhancement] Account list on dashboard now resizes columns for different screen resolutions

Version 11.0.3 Fixes

  • [Fix] Corrected errors when importing files from older versions into version 11
  • [Fix] Customised layouts now pick up all customer details in converted files

Version 11.0.2 Enhancements


  • Renamed Employer Costs report to Employee Costs
  • Changed date labels from ‘Pay Date’ to ‘Payment Date’ in the ‘Termination Pays’, ‘Pay Advice Summary’ and Cash Denominations reports
  • Updated to latest specifications for Empdupe file ready for 2018 Financial year reporting.


  • Data in Net Cashflow graph in Dashboard sets star and end date based on option in settings
  • Changed the ‘Employer Costs’ heading to “Employee Costs”


  • Preview button for Money In and Money Out reports is now greyed out

Version 11.0.2 Fixes

  • The ‘Cashflow’ and ‘Invoice’ password options have been hidden from the File, Password menu options in Wages Manager Only product
  • Renaming Customers in Invoice section is now picked up on Side navigation menu without needing to reopen file
  • Added ‘FBT Exempt under section 57A of the FBTAA 1986’ Yes/No option in the ‘Business Details’ tab of Options
  • Added a ‘Type’ box to PAYG Payment Summary report to indicate if employee is a Holiday Worker. The letter ‘H” will appear in this box if this is the case

Version 11 Enhancements

  • New User interface throughout the program
  • New left side navigation menu allows user to navigate between sections with a single click
  • New Business Dashboard provides a visual snapshot of your business in single page
  • Added Business Budget lets you set up a budget for your whole business rather than by account
  • Added option for Simpler BAS reporting.

Version 11 Fixes


  • Bank statement import setup. prevents saving until all fields are set correctly


  • Customer type drop down now defaults to Customer Type 1
  • Customer import now brings in Address 1 correctly


  • Fixed error when printing PAYG Summary List report when Branch Numbers and Drill down options both selected
  • Report preview ensures correct email address set when selecting one employee at a time.
  • Prevent zero dollar record being added to Electronic payments if default bank account has no allocations set
  • Prevented potential incorrect Reportable Fringe benefit calculation in Empdupe file and PAYG Payment summary, PAYG Summary List reports

Please note that as of 3 October 2018, Version 9 of Cashflow Manager, Cashflow Manager Gold and Wages Manager as well as all prior versions of the software are no longer supported.

Unfortunately, the versions of Windows operating systems that these versions were designed for are no longer supported by Microsoft and this impacts our ability to provide support on the Cashflow Manager programs as well.