Software Support You Can Count On

Everything you need to run a successful small business with Cashflow Manager.

Support for all Cashflow Manager software & online solutions

Ongoing support is available for all subscribers to Cashflow Manager software and online small business solutions.
Every software subscription includes access to our team of local experts for free.
For those using our cloud accounting software, you also get free expert support with each month’s subscription.
Subscription comes with a wide range of benefits, including:

Talk to a Local Expert

All support is provided by Australian-based Cashflow Manager Staff who understand Australian small business’s needs.

Phone Support

Talk to a Cashflow Manager expert on the phone five days a week.

Email Support

Get email support any day of the working week.

Upgrade for Free

Download the latest versions or any upgrades for Cashflow Manager software at no additional cost.

Please note the support team hours are Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm Adelaide time

Support is included with all subscriptions to Cashflow Manager.