A small business guide to the perfect EOFY

The handy guide includes: 

  • An interactive checklist that maps out every End of Financial Year (EOFY) task; so you can tick each one off as you go
  • A key dates calendar (and never miss a due date again)
  • Business tips and tricks that set you up for the new financial year

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Stressed about the EOFY deadline approaching?

Running a small business doesn't have to be taxing

Small business tax obligations can feel endlessly complicated. Your business structure, business size, and whether your have employees can affect when and how you report your taxes.

Download our EOFY Guide for a simple explanations that make it easy to keep the ATO (and your bank account) happy.


Keep your bookkeeping bite-sized

Transform the long and winding road of EOFY tax obligations into simple, bite-sized chunks.

FEATURING: an interactive guide to the most important EOFY tasks – from stocktake to software.

Help your business flourish

The end of the financial year is also the perfect time for a business tune-up.

This EOFY guide includes the top tips to keep your business running smoothly into the future.


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