Wages 1-4

paid monthly, for a min. of 12 mths


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Wages 1 – 4 is the simplest, low-cost Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution, from a provider with long-standing experience in developing payroll solutions throughout Australia, across all industry types.

This solution will best suit micro-employers (with one to four employees) who need to start reporting via STP.

Once set up it will only take minutes to complete each pay period and won’t require accounting or technological know-how.

With Wages 1-4, not only will you have all the tools you need to complete your STP reporting, you will be able to generate payslips, track super and calculate employee leave.

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Cashflow Manager is designed to run on a PC computer running the Windows platform, however if you are a Mac user, you are able to run the program using Bootcamp or Parallels software.

Please note: Wages 1-4 is a separate product and not an add-on to our other products.