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Client Story: Julan Soft Furnishings

Julan Soft Furnishings specialise in all things windows – curtains, blinds and all the little accessories that go with them. This includes bedspreads, cushions and all the other little things that make a house a home.

Owner of Julan Soft Furnishings, Judith Roberts had been in the furnishing manufacturing industry for a number of years before retiring to have children. One day her old boss rang her and asked for her help with some jobs. Soon, other decorators she used to work with found out she was working again, and started asking her to work for them again too.

At this point Judith was in such high demand that she bought her own machinery and equipment and started up her own business from home. She gradually expanded to the store and warehouse location she is in today.

The difference at Julan Soft Furnishings is that they manufacture their own curtains onsite, and every sales person can complete the manufacturing process. Judith says it allows each staff member to understand how fabrics work, how things should look and to make sure the work is done right.

Judith started off doing her books using a spreadsheet, but soon realised that she needed something more advanced due to her business’ needs.

Her accountant suggested that she use an accounting system on the computer, but the one he recommended was too difficult for her and she became very frustrated. Her accountant then introduced her to Cashflow Manager accounting software about 9 years ago. Because it was very simple, she found it very easy to use in her business.

“The reason I would recommend Cashflow Manager is because it is a very simple system, anybody can operate it, it can be adjusted for any business, and finding out how your business is going is so easy with the reports system”.

Watch her story here.

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