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January 2018

Get your invoices paid fast

6 small business tips to get your invoices paid fast

Cash is vital for small businesses – to pay their staff, to purchase stock, meet their tax obligations and explore new opportunities.  A lot of our small business clients experience cash flow troubles due to their accounts being settled late. Avoid feeling awkward about chasing up late payments by following these 6 small business tips to ensure you get your invoices paid fast. We all know that one of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations in business is having to chase [...]

November 2014

business failure

Is poor cash flow the reason so many Australian small businesses are failing?

Small businesses in Australia are under pressure, according to statistics released by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The figures show that the percentage of small businesses failing is on the rise, with owners struggling with issues such as cash flow, strategic planning and record keeping. Research has shown that 51% of business start ups do not survive beyond four years of operation. ASIC reveals that 81% of businesses that became insolvent in 2012/13 were small businesses employing less than [...]

September 2014

cash flow crisis

Cash flow crisis – The Australian Government encourages small businesses to pay on time

Cash is absolutely vital for small businesses – to pay wages, purchase stock, to meet their tax obligations and to create new opportunities. But many small businesses in Australia are in a cash flow crisis, due to the fact that so many of their accounts are being settled late. A really important part of managing good cash flow is for businesses to make sure they are being paid on time. Late payments are sometimes a result of a lack of [...]