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November 2017

Business budget

How to create a budget for your small business in Cashflow Manager

A business budget is a vital tool for success in starting and operating your business. It can help you plan the items and expenses necessary if you are a start-up, assist you with getting a business loan, show you how much you can spend each month, and help know how much money you need to make to meet all your expenses. In Cashflow Manager you have the ability to create a budget for a particular account, and now in our [...]

November 2015

Small Business Bookkeeping Deadly Sin #7: Not Recording Enough Information About Transactions

It’s not just receipts, bank statements and computer records small business owners take to their accountants at tax time. They also bring along a bad memory! Not even the most diligent business owner has a perfect memory, and trying to overly rely on memory is why failing to record enough information about transactions is our seventh deadly sin. It is essential to record enough information about a transaction so that anyone can easily understand the transaction that occurred. For taxation purposes, [...]

October 2015

Small Business Bookkeeping Deadly Sin #3: Not Separating Private and Business Expenses

If there’s one way you as a small business owner can get in the bad books of the Tax Office, is to jumble together your business and private expenses. It is more important than most people realise that those two types of expenses are separated. This is because you can reduce your assessable income by claiming many of the expenses that happen during the running of your business as deductions. It becomes a problem for a lot of people when [...]