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4 Advantages of using payroll software in your Small Business

Employee costs are one of the largest expenses for small businesses, and having control over this element is essential for your growth and success.

There is a fair bit of work involved in organizing paychecks and ensuring that you are contributing the right amount to taxes, superannuation and various other funds. With our payroll accounting software within Cashflow Manager Gold you can quickly and easily pay your employees.

Here are just four of the many benefits of using payroll software for small business:

1. Convenience – you can pay your employees from pretty much anywhere. You just need your laptop with Cashflow Manager Gold and you can update payments, which means you don’t keep them waiting.

2. Tax time is less daunting – when tax time comes around, you won’t have to chase payslips or records. They are all there and you can print your PAYG statement for your staff with the click of a mouse. You will also be in a better position to prepare your financial statements and reduce your chances of being selected for an ATO audit.

3. You don’t have to be an expert or accountant – wages manager payroll software is designed to be easy to use, practical and intuitive for the inexperienced payroll officer.

4. You can back up your work for future use – making copies of all your documents has never been easier. Wages manager encourages you to back up and store your information in several locations so if something happens to your computer you can still access your records.

The payroll accounting software of Cashflow Manager Gold allows you to create payslips, process payments, leave, superannuation and calculate taxes, making it easier for you to manage your wage related expenses!

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