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5 Easy Tips to Spring Clean Your Small Business

It’s officially spring, so as the warmer weather sets in its time to give your business a spring clean. Here are five tips to help you revitalise and refresh your small business.

Get on Top of your Bookkeeping

Spring clean the way you think about bookkeeping in your small business. Small business owners struggle and stress every day about getting this done. One of the main reasons they avoid the books is because they feel intimidated by their lack of knowledge or the time and money they will have to spend on getting it right. When they realise that a simple bookkeeping program will actually help grow their business, their attitudes change. Get your books and invoices sorted with simple small business accounting software, and reduce the stress in your business.

Motivate your Team

The spring clean is the perfect time for business owners to look at how they can improve across their whole business. Rather than focusing on what is wrong with the business, use this time to think about how everyone can find motivation and improve their performance.  Encourage and rev up your team about what they can achieve by the end of the year.

Get more Connected

Connected businesses are growing businesses. Explore the web for like minded individuals so you can join a business community. Connect on Linkedin, and Google+, read industry forums and blogs so you know who is in your community and so you can keep on top of current trends.

Reflect on your Business Goals

Use any opportunity you can to reflect on your progress toward the goals you have set. Look at what you have achieved and celebrate it. Look at what you still have yet to achieve and think about what steps you can put in place to get closer to those goals.

Update your Website

An outdated website sends the wrong message to potential clients. Make sure all your content and information is up to date and also that it is fresh and new. It is a well-known fact that Google loves fresh material. Consider adding a blog to your small business website. This makes your site very attractive to search engines and can increase traffic.

Make your Office Greener

Think about implementing greener practices in your business. Things like recycling, double sided printing or limiting your printing, and energy efficient lighting all help to reduce your carbon footprint but will also reduce your expenses, even if it is only by a little bit.

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