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July 2019

Customise customer invoices

How To Customise Your Customer Invoices

Sending invoices is a major role for a business owner, without them, you don’t get paid. Cashflow Manager has the functionality to customise your customer invoices. By using a customised layout, you can add on a logo or image, personalized messaging, payment terms and payment information. The Customised Layout function is located in the Invoice Manager module under the Tools menu. In there you have the option to customise Invoices, Adjustment Notes, Picking Slips, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Receipts and Statements. To [...]

April 2015

BAS Reporting

Small business financial reporting – doing your BAS right

As a small business owner you often don’t have a lot of left over time to spend keeping your records, so it helps to get your reporting done right the first time. One part of financial reporting for your business that can cause confusion is the completion of your Business Activity Statement (BAS). Here are some tips that will help you to complete your BAS quickly and easily. What is a BAS? Businesses use a business activity statement (BAS) to report [...]