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Reasons to Use Accounting Software

8 Great Reasons to use easy accounting software in your small business

As a small business owner you would rather be doing what you love and making money rather than doing your accounting, right?

Most people find doing the bookkeeping for their small business a headache, but keeping good records is so important that it should really be made as easy as possible, shouldn’t it? Well, never fear, there is a simple solution to ease some of your pain!

Cashflow Manager is a very easy small business accounting program designed especially for people who run their own business and have to keep records, but who don’t know much about accounting. And of course, the simplicity of Cashflow Manager makes it easy for organisations like sports clubs and churches to keep great records without their treasurer needing to be an accountant!

Cashflow Manager is an Australian accounting software, originally developed by accountant, Wayne Burgan, to help his own clients. Now over 400,000 of these bookkeeping programs have been sold worldwide, and for one reason – it is easy to use!

If you still need more proof, here are 8 great reasons to use Cashflow Manager to take care of the bookkeeping for your small business.

It saves you time and money

Quite simply, choosing software for your small business that is easy to use will save you time as you won’t be messing around trying to work out how to use it and getting in a mess because you don’t really understand the double entry accounting concepts other programs require. And why waste money paying someone else to do your bookkeeping if you don’t have to? To keep good records you shouldn’t be expected to have a degree in accounting or to have to spend hours away at costly training courses. Cashflow Manager is easy enough to get you up and running straight away, and comes with 12 months free support if you need any help along the way. Furthermore, you will find a fantastic support library on the Cashflow Manager website with notes, common questions and instructional videos.

Control your Cash flow

Your business has to pay the bills!  So you have to have money coming into the business as well. A simple small business accounting software like Cashflow Manager can help you create invoices and keep track of the customers who owe you money. It’s no good making a sale if you don’t get paid for it. On the flip side, keeping track of payments is important and Cashflow Manager GOLD looks after this for you as well!

An overview of how Cashflow Manager works video

Helps you prepare your taxes

If the idea of compiling all the documents and receipts needed for your accountant to complete your taxes makes you want to tear out your hair, then Cashflow Manager is perfect for you. With Cashflow Manager, you simply record the money you spend and the money you receive in the relevant columns – it’s that easy! If you keep on top of your accounts, you can then export all of this information straight to your accountant with a click of the mouse! And by using a program you understand, the high quality of your records makes your accountant’s job easier too.

Small business Tax cheat sheet

Does the adding up for you

I don’t know about you, but I think one of the best things about using accounting software is that it calculates everything for you. No longer do you need calculators or outstanding mathematical skills. This means that it is far less likely to end up with errors in your business finances.  With Cashflow Manager, you simply record your receipts and payments in columns for the transaction, and then the program adds up each column. If you are registered for GST, Cashflow Manager calculates the GST for you and can even create your Business Activity Statement – and lodge it using the program. The other important thing is that your records balance to your bank accounts. Cashflow Manger makes that really easy too with a simple ‘wizard’ to help you.

Wages are made simple

Cashflow Manager Gold is an accounting and payroll software. It has a section to manage your employees’ wages which makes paying them and meeting all of the employer superannuation requirements a piece of cake. Doing the end of year reports for your employees and the Tax Office takes just a few seconds as well!

 It is also Invoice Software that meets the Tax Office Rules

If you are registered for GST you must comply with certain formatting rules when invoicing customers, and Cashflow Manager can help you to format your invoices automatically. The ‘Invoice Manager’ section of the program allows you to prepare statements, track the money owed to you by customers, as well as money you owe tosuppliers. You can also prepare your BAS and check what is selling in a flash.

Connects with your Online banking

If your small business banking account is set up for online banking (which it should be!), Cashflow Manager can import your bank statement to make doing your bank reconciliation an absolute breeze!

4 Reasons to use online banking in your small business 

It is Customisable

Not every small business is the same so why should they all use the same bookkeeping templates and layouts? There are several different business templates that can automatically establish the columns you might need for your particular type of business. You can edit your columns and customize your layout easily to suit your needs.

So there you have just 8 of the many reasons I could give you to use a simple accounting program like Cashflow Manager for your small business. As you can see, no matter what type of business you have, small business bookkeeping software is essential in running your business efficiently and effectively.

But the main reason to choose Cashflow Manager is because it is so easy, as attested to by so many accountants and small business owners. Check out some of their comments on our website.

If you are serious about taking control of your books then get your hands on our small business accounting and payroll software and get started right away!

Download your trial free accounting software today.

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Comments (6)

  • Miriam Reply

    All of this rings true, even for an American who just switched from manual accounting to a software! A really intuitive look at how software can really change the way you do business, Rob. Thanks for sharing.

    17/10/2019 at 11:21PM
  • Romelia Waldroup Reply

    Hi, I read through your post. I wanted to ask you something though… What do you think about cloud bookkeeping software vs desktop software? My main concern is security. I can’t afford to get hacked. Looking forward to your reply! 🙂

    09/08/2019 at 6:17AM
    • Madi Reply

      Hi Romelia, The Desktop and Cloud programs are relatively the same. The cloud is for users that either need to access their data from multiple locations, or like the ease of access of a web based accounting system.

      09/08/2019 at 9:59AM
  • Booker Reply

    Great info Rob, I have been in a situation where I hand to outsource my bookkeeping and payroll I ended going to FreshBooks then a year later to QuickBooks one thing that stood out to me is when it comes to tax season I’m 100% more ready. Looking forward to read your more recent post.

    26/01/2018 at 6:32AM
  • Brad Reply

    Some of the numbered headers are bold, but most aren’t. Might want to take a look at formatting. Otherwise, looks great!

    06/01/2018 at 9:05AM
  • John Rachell Reply

    Hi all

    Thank you for sharing this valuable info

    Yes it is very useful to use accounting software

    Anyhow we are having professionals like finite group people
    I will discuss about this software with my people

    27/10/2017 at 9:13PM

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